RAFIUDDIN AHMED, Founder of Innokids
I believe I am fueled with gallons of spirit for social entrepreneurship, innovation, incubation and lean start up. I have ample motivation and passion to change the world with enormous social change making ideas. I always believe, “We are not opportunity seekers, we are opportunity creators.” I love to learn and talk about emotional Intelligence, artificial intelligence, future school methods or school in clouds, & kidspreneurship.
Currently, I am pursuing my PhD at La Trobe Business School and came up with an idea from my doctoral research. It’s Innokids (a social kidpreneurship teaching and Training service at primary school). I devote my time for Yunus Social Business Centre at La Trobe University as the COO. Other than YSBC involvement, I am working as the founder President and idea leader of Social Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation club (SBEIC) at La Trobe University since 2014.
I aim to be an edupreneur, evangelist, trendsetter and platform economist.
Dr. Gillian Sullivan Mort, Advisor of Innokids
Gillian began her working life as a psychologist, trained primary teacher and school and family counsellor and was in primary and special education for many years before establishing her own boutique market research agency and then going into tertiary education in business schools, completing an award winning PhD in 1999. She has a life-long commitment to empowering people and developing their potential. Her involvement with entrepreneurship stems from her Master of Business Administration studies in the 1980s.
Her academic work on social entrepreneurship – using business methods to achieve social goals – has greatly influenced the development of academic and practical thought in that area and her various publications in this area have been highly cited. At Innokids she guides the development of the evidence base for its social impact and is committed to collaborating with her Innokids partner to ensure the global growth of the program.