It seems adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. The reason your parents ask you this question is to help you plan for years down the road. Different jobs have different need and your parents want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. If you want to be a doctor then you need to go to a special school i.e medical school, you want to be an artist, you need go to art school. May be you know what you want to be or maybe not, that is okay. You have ample time to think about your future. The best time to start planning for your future is right now. It’s not too early to start something worthy. But to do that, you need to understand a little bit about the grown up world i.e. Business, Entrepreneurship and mostly Kidpreneurship.
Grown up people earn money through job or business. If you are in job, you are actually working for others and making others’ rich. Jobs are risk free and it does not pay you too much money comparing with business. But if you start a small business at your tender age with an innovative idea and if you become successful you can earn lots of money for you and at the same time you can employ ample people from your community. Becoming an entrepreneur (be your own boss) is really pays you off in the long run. An entrepreneur can work for himself, solve social problem (unemployment) and earn money at the same time. We will motivate you to be social business entrepreneur (earning money at the same time solving social problem i.e unemployment problem by engaging others in your business).
Objective of this project:
  • To enhance positivity, empathy, active compassion, team work, Non cognitive skills among the kids in Primary School
  • To enhance Social Entrepreneurs skills and turn you as
Benefit of the project:
  • Benefit for schools: Schools will be able to enhance their curriculum and better meet the changing social and economic context.
  • Benefit for children: The program will lead to enhance leadership skills, active compassion and teamwork as well as practical non cognitive skills in business like identifying a market need, budgeting, appealing to customers and accounting for profit as well positive social outcomes. A practical example might be making and selling a low cost bird feeder.
  • Benefit to Parents: As world is seeing lots of kids turned into entrepreneurs at their early age this will surely put the parents into a mental peace that their kids are turning into an entrepreneur. They might not be worry about their children’s tension for job seeking in future while they can provide jobs for others.
Impact of :
You will grow with a motto- We are not job seekers, we are job givers i.e social entrepreneurship that will positively affect employment for yourself and others in future. You will learn empathy, compassion and feel for social problems with the ability to act to make a difference.
History Behind This:
Rafi started a pilot project and named it as in 2016 as a part of his PhD. means innovative kids. He created the logo where there is a nice meaning of it. You can see letter O looks like brain and s represents the sign of dollar. Brain is connected with dollar by a smiley connector. So it means if you have an innovative idea, you can earn money and the money can be reinvested in another innovative project.
In this project, students from Bundoora primary school, Melbourne, Australia (10-12 years old or Grade Six) will make different products and sell them to school premises or in outer market. The products may be bird feeder, designed T shirts or cotton bags; eco friendly products and handmade toys/products. project will run in the social business model format, which will strictly follow the seven principles identified by Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus. This project will train and get feedback from the students with real life experience needed to be a social business entrepreneur.