Core Activities

Months-Long Entrepreneurial Programmes

These kinds of programmes are a tried and tested approach by Innokids which prioritizes children of 12-16 years old and teaches them the basics of entrepreneurship, business, and other entrepreneurial skills in a hands-on manner and helps them to think individually how to pitch, start, fund, and run their own business. The duration of these flagship programmes is six months.

Bootcamp Programmes

Boot-camp programmes, through which we try to ensure that your children get the best from our professional and highly skilled facilitators. To make it real, our facilitators take them through some high-quality training sessions so that your children can become much better at networking,  creating their projects and boasting new skill sets in a short period.

Personalized Mentoring & Coaching

Our personalized mentoring plan makes sure that throughout their stay, the children are getting the benefit of personalized accompaniment of the facilitators to enable them to progress at a rhythm and constant guidance based on their needs and objectives.

Interactive Workshops and Live Sessions

Our workshop programmes and live sessions quench the practical curiosities of children by providing them with practical frameworks in life skills, tech skills, soft skills, business skills. Make them how to imagine new, cause imagination is a must needed component without which innovation wouldn’t be possible. Because of their imagination, they will think of new products & innovations that might change the world in a good way.

Idea Pitching Competitions

Idea pitching competition, it’s another plan of ours where your children will get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and imaginations, what’s on their minds and compete against others. If his / her idea becomes the best one among all the others he /she will get special recognition and of course a reward also.